Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Storm Damage

This was a commercial storm damage. It was a huge hurricane that came through and caused damage to this hotel. It is crazy to think that a hurricane can do dama... READ MORE

School Commercial Job

This was a school commercial mold job. We were able to get in and tear out everything before it was able to spread anymore. We listened to the wants and concern... READ MORE

House Fire!

This fire was huge! It just took over the whole bathroom area. It destroyed rooms and left soot everywhere. We had to tear out some floors and relay the floorin... READ MORE

Huge Warehouse Fire!

This warehouse burned in a local town and was the result of a forklift catching on fire. Notice the extent of the damage; just imagine the for lift since it was... READ MORE

Flooded Kitchen

A water supply line to an ice maker was not connected properly causing water to leak unnoticed for several days. The water impacted the flooring beneath the ref... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom

SERVPRO was called to a rental property   because the drain in the bathtub had leaked before the P-trap causing water damage to the tile floor in the ... READ MORE

Strip Mall Fire

SERVPRO got the call to clean up a fire loss that happened in a gun shop and a church that is located in a local strip mall. The fire started after an attempted... READ MORE


Black ink like substance was used to cover the windows, siding, patio, and furniture on the property. SERVPRO was able to clean the substance from the siding an... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Crawlspace

SERVPRO  called out to assist a customer Easley with mold remediation services needed in his crawlspace. The mold was caused by a leak in the water su... READ MORE

The Importance of Drying a Floor Properly

A small, undetected water leak from a water heater created a huge and very noticeable problem for a family. They called the company that installed the water hea... READ MORE