Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Flooded Condo

The mold in this condo was the result of poor landscaping, which flooded the customer's home. This is the second time this condo had been flooded. The custome... READ MORE

New Construction Crawlspace Mold

The construction company employees noticed a musty smell emanating in this home during the construction phase. The moisture content was elevated from the humidi... READ MORE

Is Mold Lurking In Your Bathroom?

The wall in this bathroom had mold growth due to water around the shower and humidity. The flooring and drywall were showing mold growth and the customer wanted... READ MORE

There was WHAT in our Ducts?

Recently a customer had a water loss and when we finished the mitigation they ask us to clean their ducts because they felt their heating system wasn’t wo... READ MORE

Residential Biohazard Cleanup

SERVPRO was called to do a biohazard cleanup at a local residence after 57 canisters of tear gas had been shot into a house. All levels of the house, main lev... READ MORE

Hoarder Cleanup - Emotional and Hazardous

Upon arriving onsite at a hoarding cleanup our technicians are fully trained to deal everyone involved, as dealing with a hoarding situation can be both emotion... READ MORE

Flooded Room

This flooded room was the result of a broken pipe. In the before picture, notice the extent of the water damage; the water had saturated through the carpet and ... READ MORE

Storm Cleanup Any Size, Any Season

he before picture was the result of a tree falling through a roof during a Spring Storm, the customer called us for cleanup as you can see the insulation had ca... READ MORE

Storms Can Leave a Mess, Who will You Trust?

A storm of any sort can headache in itself, but what happens when your home gets the brunt of that storm. Who would you call and trust to help aid you in your ... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage

This was a commercial storm damage. It was a huge hurricane that came through and caused damage to this hotel. It is crazy to think that a hurricane can do dama... READ MORE

School Commercial Job

This was a school commercial mold job. We were able to get in and tear out everything before it was able to spread anymore. We listened to the wants and concern... READ MORE

Strip Mall Fire

SERVPRO got the call to clean up a fire loss that happened in a gun shop and a church that is located in a local strip mall. The fire started after an attempted... READ MORE


Black ink like substance was used to cover the windows, siding, patio, and furniture on the property. SERVPRO was able to clean the substance from the siding an... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Crawlspace

SERVPRO called out to assist a customer Easley with mold remediation services needed in his crawlspace. The mold was caused by a leak in the water supply line ... READ MORE

The Importance of Drying a Floor Properly

A small, undetected water leak from a water heater created a huge and very noticeable problem for a family. They called the company that installed the water hea... READ MORE